This company just made ‘Fur-ternity’ leave an official employee benefit


We treat our pets like our kids. Now our jobs are starting to recognize them as them. One company is even offering “fur-ternity” leave.

Pet parents rejoice! One Minnesota company is giving fur mom and dads the recognition they deserve and is offering fur-ternity leave. Yes, you read that right.

Nina Hale, a marketing company in Minneapolis, noticed that many of its employees were asking for time off or to work from home when they were first getting new pets. So, this summer, the company decided to make fur-ternity leave an official benefit of the company.

Speaking with The New York Times, Connor McCarthy explained that he previously worked from home for a week to help his goldendoodle puppy Bentley get adjusted to his new life. He asked his boss Allison McMenimen for permission and got an immediate yes. Thus, McCarthy was able to crate and house train his new pup while he worked. And having that time at home was incredibly helpful.

After McCarthy’s request, and others like his, Nina Hale made the benefit official in July. “This is kind of a no-brainer,” McMenimen told The New York Times.

And why shouldn’t proud new pet parents get paw-ternity leave? Bringing home a new bundle of fur is exciting, but it’s also a lot of work. New pets need help getting used to their new homes and families. They need to be trained and taught not to have accidents in the house.

New pet owners and their pets benefit from them taking the time to help the pet transition, plus bond with their new furry friend.

“For a lot of people, their pets are their children,” McMenimen told The New York Times.

It’s so true. Our dogs and cats are our babies. We treat them like family members, spoil them, and love them. I even see dogs in baby strollers all the time walking around NYC. It’s a lot.

Now more and more companies are recognizing this with paw-ternity and fur-ternity leave, bring your pets to work policies, pet insurance, and more. Hey, our pets deserve the best!

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I’m all for fur-ternity leave. What a world we live in, that this is an actual thing! Now if only the U.S. could also join the rest of the world and provide paid parental leave too…