Will The 100 answer these questions in season 6?

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If there is a large civilization on this new Earth, how will our characters cope with adjusting to that?

Figures such as Colonel Diyoza and Shaw, as well as the other Eligius prisoners, are very unique characters in that they have been put in cryosleep twice. Both times for over one hundred years, and therefore remember what the Earth was like before the original nuclear apocalypse.

These characters are not like the others as they can make references to our reality and have a first-hand memory of what life used to be like for humankind, which is something we’ve never seen before. Thus they will probably find coping with any new society the easiest (unless this new society is extremely far from the original Earth). Will they feel right at home or feel off-put?

For Diyoza, she has now been pregnant for over 200 years, and the notion that she became pregnant on one version of Earth and must give birth to the same child hundreds of years later on another planet might creep her out a little bit.

The majority of the grounders have been led by Octavia in recent years, and therefore may still have their heads full of grounder laws and beliefs. So it’s clear that they may find it difficult to integrate with whatever species is on Earth 2.0.

Characters like Gaia, for instance, are heavily faithful to the flame and Pramheda (who Madi has now assumed the role of). And they may find it unsettling now that she no longer has to worship the commander and has to find another purpose to live for.

Grounders like Indra may be dealing with some sort of post-traumatic stress, having almost constantly been fighting in wars all of their lives and to suddenly have to fit into another world without that. Maybe they’ll reject civilization or just be homesick.

Above all, the show should take this opportunity to give all of the characters the chance to have a fresh start. Octavia and Abbie will still be coming to terms with their actions in the bunker and learn to live with themselves. And maybe this is the moment Kane can finally start a new life with Abbie in his dream community, like he’s been dreaming about throughout season 5.

Hopefully, all of these characters, especially Octavia, embrace this chance to start again and reinvent themselves. I’m looking forward to Octavia stepping away from leadership and just looking after herself. There is obviously a lot of weight on her shoulders; it’s clear the others realize this, as they left her out of the decision to put everyone in cryosleep at the end of season 5. This is good for Octavia, as we haven’t really seen her relax and live life since her partner, Lincoln, was killed off in season 3.

Finally, everyone must go through some emotion of missing the Earth they all know and love. Madi, for example, lived the best years of her life in the shadow valley. Will she find it hard to find a place that feels like home again? Additionally, everyone in the bunker spent six years waiting to be reunited with their home and are now suddenly light-years away from what they were promised.

It will be strange, even for the viewer, to suddenly drop all of the memories and places we have been made familiar with over the years, and lose those slight references to reality, the famous example being TonDC which was once Washington, D.C. Places which were so rooted in The 100’s background, such as The Drop Ship, Arkadia, The Ark, Mount Weather, Polis and Shadow Valley, are now all completely wiped out of the picture so the familiarity is definitely gone.

In some ways, with this change also goes any memories of the deaths of the ones we lost and where their bodies and souls rest. Octavia now can’t go back to that place where she first fell in love with Lincoln. Raven can’t pay her respects to Finn where she lost him in Arkadia, and Clarke can’t return to where she and Lexa first kissed. Although their legacy is still strong, especially Monty and Harper’s (as they are basically the reason that everyone has been delivered to this new planet), it feels like it’s going to be tougher to remember them in these new places and new communities.

Also, will it be harder to watch a show that is further away from our own reality? We may not get any more references to the previous human society, and the prominent storylines, like Becca’s A.I. or the succession of the commanders, as it may not be relevant anymore. We may go into season 6 being greeted with a complete fantasy world, definitely making it a lot more sci-fi.

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Regardless of what happens, I’m sure we all just want to see our characters take that step to a new chapter in their lives.

What did you think of the season 5 finale, and what are your predictions for season 6?