Will The 100 answer these questions in season 6?

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The 100 — “Shifting Sands” — Pictured: Eliza Taylor as Clarke — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — ©2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The 100 has come a long way from the first season, and the finale of season 5 saw the writers wipe the slate clean by relocating to another planet. How will the characters react to their new home, and will they be alone?

Originally based on 100 juvenile prisoners being sent from the Ark space station down to the post-nuclear-apocalyptic Earth to test whether it was habitable again, The 100 has come a long way, and we have seen the world get destroyed twice more since then — to the point where there is no going back.

Since the pilot episode, we have been blessed with new characters, new dynamics, new relationships, and now a brand spanking new planet to play with. The finale of season 5 saw the beloved Monty and Harper sacrifice their lives in order to find a new home for the human race while everyone else slept soundly in cryosleep for 125 years.

This new planet is definitely the spark of a fresh start for everyone, and I think most of them will need it. Season 5 went so fast and characters were forced to pick sides and make decisions before actually digesting the information and embracing proper reunions, so how will everyone react?

I’m getting ahead of myself because the first question should be:

Is the planet even habitable?

Even though we’ve gone through so much with these characters, we’re somehow back in exactly the same place we were at in episode 1.

As Bellamy and Clarke (and Jordan, Monty and Harper’s son) are the only people to know of this new planet, will they wake everyone from their cryosleep right away or check if the planet is safe first? How about they send a group down to see whether it’s survivable? Sound familiar?

It’s almost like we’ve seen exactly how, in quite a few different ways, humans have screwed up the planet, and now they’re back where they started. They’ve been given a second chance and maybe this time it’s going to be different.

It leaves a feeling of being cheated. Especially to have become connected to the original Earth over these past five years thinking of it as the characters’ home and as somewhere safe and beautiful when truthfully, the radiation was always coming. And now they’ve reached their real paradise and their real home.

This new paradise Earth makes the beautiful shallow valley, which the characters went to war over throughout season 5, look like a pit. After all the fighting, it seems everyone has won not just a small portion of land, but what the human race always needed.

Will they be alone?

Another question pondered on in the very first episode. If there are people, or even aliens, down on the ground, how advanced will they be?

It seems unlikely the show will repeat the notion of the people living on the ground as being primitive and cult-like, and I’m looking forward to a busy, populated and civilised world with more advanced technology than we have ever seen before on the show.

However, as they will most probably be originated from prisoners and guards of the mining corporation, Eligius, it could be that the descendants have completely rejected technology in rebellion.

We know for sure that a group of Eligius prisoners were sent to look for oil on this new planet before the first nuclear apocalypse but they never radioed back.

If the prisoners did populate the planet, did they create law and order, or chaos and anarchy?

Or what if they didn’t survive? Maybe there are alien creatures already living there that are dangerous or maybe the radiation from the two suns have made the environment uninhabitable.

It has now been 250 years since the Eligius Corporation set off into the stars to find this planet before the Earth was destroyed, so with that being such a massive time period, a lot can happen.

Maybe the strand of humans on this Earth have already fought wars and tore down cultures. What if there’s no one left to tell the story when Clarke and Bellamy reach the ground? They may have ruined the world once again and abandoned it like they did the first time, or just been killed off by opposing creatures or radiation.

We’ve met our fair share of unfriendly societies on The 100, will this new planet be the same or welcome the visitors with open arms?

They may have always planned to return back to Earth, (they might have already abandoned Earth 2.0 to go back to their old planet, not knowing it’s a wasteland), or maybe they have completely forgotten their origins over time and believe they have always lived on their new home.

Moreover, they could be highly mutated as a result of exposure to radiation. And will there be mutated animals? Perhaps our characters will spend the majority of season 6 figuring out how to live on the ground without dying out or mutating.

Will Clarke and Madi be the first on the ground to test the water, because they are less reactive to the effects of the radiation?

We know that the Eligius Corporation used nightblood serum on their prisoners in order to counteract the reactions from radiation during their mining missions. We also know that the only two nightbloods left from Earth are Clarke and Madi.

If this is the case, it does seem like an easy fix, as it has been proven nightblood can be passed onto others. Therefore, the characters can vaccinate each other against the effects.