New Harry Potter LEGO Mini-Figures features the worst character in the franchise


I bet you already know who it is, don’t you? There is only one possible Harry Potter character it could be after all.

LEGO has released some new mini-figure sets from different fandoms, one of them being Harry Potter. The packs contain four mini-figures, each one representing a different character, and the Harry Potter set includes the worst character in the franchise.

Yeah you all know who it is, Dolores Umbridge.

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Undeniably the worst character in the franchise, Madam Undersecretary Dolores Umbridge features in the new mini-figure set alongside, Quidditch Referee Rolanda Hooch, Professor Horace Slughorn, who has never before been a LEGO mini-figure so well done Slughorn, and a fourth character who has not been formally identified yet.

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According to Brothers-Brick, they are part of Toys R Us annual Bricktober promotion, however, with the company famously going bust in the US but still being available internationally, it is rather unclear how it will all be running this year.

Normally the packages have the Toys R Us logo plus the Bricktober branding, but all packs have had that removed this year. This raises another question over if they will be exclusive to Toys R Us or not.

However, the much more pressing matter is who is this mysterious fourth character in the set? That is what I want to know.

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Do you know who the fourth character is? Would you actually buy it considering Dolores Umbridge is in the set? Share what you are thinking by dropping a comment just below with your thoughts.