20 of the most relaxing reality TV shows to watch right now

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15. The Supersizers

Just because a reality television show has to be relaxing doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Furthermore, just because a show is interesting doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a thing or two, either. And then, even when a show is informative, stress-relieving, and well-regarded doesn’t mean that its presenters aren’t goofy as all get out. We are dealing with Sue Perkins, after all.

Sue Perkins may be best known to American viewers as one of the original presenters (along with Mel Giedroyc) of The Great British Baking Show (oh boy, more on that one later). Perkins is actually a well-established comedian and presenter in the United Kingdom, though. In fact, she’s been around for years, bringing her own delightfully goofy energy to a variety of programs.

In The Supersizers, Perkins teams up with journalist and critic Giles Coren to explore the historical eating habits of the British Isles. They go as far back as medieval times, when Norman invaders arrived from France, bringing their food culture to mingle with the existing Anglo-Saxon eats. Perkins and Coren dress up in historic clothing, practice era-appropriate hobbies and jobs, and down dishes native to the time period.

Sometimes, the food is okay, or even delicious. Alas, it is equally as often strange-looking and gross to modern palates. Perkins and Coren gamely consume the dishes, though the ones featuring whole sheep’s heads and fish in sugar sauce are a bit tough for them to swallow. Thankfully for you, no one’s going to reach through the screen and force you to down things like World War II-era powdered eggs (thanks to strict rationing) or very dry peacock meat. Giles and Sue Live the Good Life, in which the pair attempt to live a self-sufficient life, is an excellent followup.