20 of the most relaxing reality TV shows to watch right now

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12. Property Brothers

If you’ve ever casually turned on HGTV or even happened to glance over to a TV screen at the gym, then chances are pretty darn good that you know the Property Brothers. The good-natured twin brothers John and Drew Scott have a very particular mix of enthusiasm and drive that make even the most daunting home projects seem possible for us poor mortals.

Like many popular HGTV shows, Property Brothers has a tried and true formula, with little room or patience for deviation. That’s part of the success of a relaxing reality TV show, after all. The consistency of a show from episode to episode is usually what’s needed to lull you into a period of mental sedation.

Property Brothers is originally a Canadian show, airing on the W Network in its home country. It’s become so successful that the show now airs in over 150 countries and has made it to six seasons and over 100 episodes.

On the show, real estate expert Drew picks up rundown homes and manages the buying and selling process. Once a home is in their grasp, Drew’s brother Jonathan brings in his expertise as a licensed contractor and starts the renovation process. Generally, the duo works with homebuyers who have to operate within a fairly strict timeline and budget. Drew is usually the one tasked with explaining to homebuyers that their imaginary dream home is way out of their budget. Thankfully, he’s got a lot of charm to help through the process.