YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous reveals struggles of having children as a trans woman


YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous has been open with her audience about everything from her transition to her relationship with now-fiancée Nats Getty. But she finally opened up about one struggle she kept secret: pregnancy.

Gigi Gorgeous has been making videos on YouTube for almost 10 years now. She first started her channel as Gregory Gorgeous, a gay teenager who would do makeup tutorials and shared story time videos about her high school drama. Fast forward a few years, and Gregory accepted herself as Gigi and came out as a trans woman, documenting every step on the way.

Gigi (real name Giselle Loren Lazzarato) has been open about everything, from her plastic surgery to her coming out as a lesbian. She’s now engaged to Nats Getty, and the two have discussed starting a family.

In Gigi’s most recent upload to YouTube, the beauty guru revealed a detail about her transition she chose to keep private: she never actually had sexual confirmation surgery.

“For anybody that thought that I had had it, it was never my intention to lie about it or tell you guys something that wasn’t true, but if I had ever insinuated that I had had the surgery, I don’t and I’m sorry if I did that,” she said in the emotional video. “It was definitely out of insecurity and wanting to feel more like a woman.”

Obviously, Gigi — as a transgender woman — can’t give birth, but her fiancée could. She went on to tell the story of how she and Getty explored their options to have biological children, which included Gigi freezing her sperm, and Getty freezing her eggs. But when their doctor told Gigi she may not have viable sperm because of the hormones she has taken for her transition from male to female, it made Gigi worry about being infertile.

They putt off their plans to freeze their specimens indefinitely, but Gigi hopes that sharing her struggle with her audience will help her gain the strength to move forward.

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Fertility struggles are so common, and yet not often talked about in public. The fertility struggles of trans people is a conversation that’s even less common. It brings up the complexities of gender, fertility, and the possible physical (and psychological) repercussions of the process. Gigi is starting a conversation that goes beyond what we expect when discussing traditional pregnancies, and that is so important to hear now and in the future.

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