Jon Stewart rescues two baaaad boy goats who thought subways were for grazing


Jon Stewart, man of many talents, adds animal rescue to his resume by helping to save two goats who somehow ended up wandering around a subway.

Jon Stewart is a comedian, talk show host and… goat herdsman? Stewart proved he was up to the challenge of goat-wrangling when he learned that two male goats were behaving baaadly (sorry, not sorry) on the subway system.

The saga of the goats began when the New York City MTA NYC Transit subway service found two male goats on the above-ground tracks on the N subway line in Brooklyn. The MTA’s Twitter account sent out the alert.

Who ya’ gonna call?

In the case of the New York transit, the police stepped in rather than Ghostbusters (who knew that the police are trained as goatbusters?).

According to Entertainment Weekly, the police tranquilized the goats before taking the little guys to one of New York’s Animal Care Centers. That’s when Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey stepped in.

Stewart has supported New Jersey’s animal rescue group Farm Sanctuary for years. Staff members from that sanctuary, Jon and Tracy took on the task of rescuing the goats.

At this point, the goats clearly had two needs: New homes and new names, because (a) subways aren’t known as offering the best forever homes for goats, and (b) critters are always more endearing when they have cute names.

Stewart and his wife, together with the Farm Sanctuary, fulfilled those needs. The newly named Billy and Willy were taken to the group’s sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York.

As for the goats’ origin, Billy and Willy may be smart little escape artists. The New York Times pointed out that slaughterhouses exist in the area from whence the boys came. The goat adventure wasn’t Jon’s first animal rescue rodeo. He previously rescued a bull discovered wandering around that same region. Just like the goats, the bull was taken to Watkins Glen.

Jon and Tracy purchased a 12-acre farm in 2013. It has become a home for abused animals.

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What do you think of Stewart’s efforts to give the goats a better home? We’re baaaaa-ing for your comments!