Should the Niffler be given a name?


If we were to give the Niffler a name what would we call him? Bob? Stuart? Kevin? Should we even give the Niffler a name?

Ok so we are definitely not going to name the Niffler Bob, Stuart or Kevin; because they are clearly the names of the Minions from Despicable Me. So what name should we give the Niffler? Should we even give him a name at all?

No name is officially given to the Niffler in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them if you were wondering. Throughout the entire movie and screenplay, no name is uttered. A name has not been mentioned in the run-up to Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald either.

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So if we were to give the adorable little creature a name what would it be?

The obvious suggestion for a name is something that connects to Harry Potter. So names like Harry, Hagrid, Ron, Dumbledore, Neville, etc. If you wanted to connect to Fantastic Beasts we can go with Newt, Jacob, etc.

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None of them sound really good though, do they?

So what about, Nif? Or Nif-Nif? How about Leonard?

None of them are any better either.

I think the time to name the wonderful creature has unfortunately passed. If it was going to be done it should have been done during, or just after the first movie. We all know the Niffler as “The Niffler.” While technically that is what his species name is, we all view it as his actual name subconsciously.

So to answer the question; should the Niffler be given a name? No, I really don’t think he should be. Calling him anything other than the Niffler just sounds really odd.

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What do you think? Would you like to name him? If so what name would you like to give him? Share what you are thinking by dropping a comment below.