Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough set for Grecian love in new film Monday


Sign us up for Sebastian Stan falling in love with Greece! Co-starring Denise Gough, Monday will be the dream many Stan fans wish would come true.

Were you wondering why Sebastian Stan was galavanting around Greece on his Instagram? Today, we learned the answer with the announcement that the Marvel actor will star in MondayCo-starring Denise Gough (most recently known for her performance in Angels in America), the film is meant to look at a very real relationship between Chloe (Gough) and Mickey (Stan).

Argyris Papadimitropoulos is directing the film that he co-wrote with Rob Hayes and, from his Instagram, it seems as if Argyris is having the time of his life, sharing pictures of their locations as well as fun videos.

The way that Papadimitropoulous describes the movie makes it very clear that this couple is going to struggle as any couple does. As Argyris states, not many people love intensely anymore and from what has been released about the movie (based on Sebastian’s description at a convention this month), it is a rom-com gone wrong.

Monday is exciting because Sebastian Stan hasn’t previously done a romantic comedy. Sticking to jerky roles in sports movies or his trusted role as Bucky Barnes, this will be the first time Stan’s really been a romantic lead, even if it doesn’t seem to be the conventional romantic comedy.

Gough, whose two Laurence Olivier Award-winning performances speak for themselves, has a career that is more on stage than anything else. So to see her in this film with Stan will be a fun treat for audiences.

Plus with Greece as the backdrop to this love story, we’re set for captivating visuals.

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