Report: When will Star Wars Episode IX finish filming?


How much time do Star Wars fans have to grab on-set spoilers and see photos from the cast of Star Wars: Episode IX? New reports seem to have answered that.

Unfortunately, things like changing the name of your movie to conceal production or save money don’t work so well in the age of the internet, when reports can emerge before filming’s even completed a full month. Star Wars hasn’t been able to hide — or apparently hide — too well when it comes to Episode IX. Per Geeks Worldwide/Omega Underground, Episode IX should wrap sometime in February.

For the spoiler fans among us, that means we have a solid six months of possible photos from behind the scenes to reports and rumors. Naturally, not all of those rumors will turn out to be true. Just as the internet is particularly good at spreading information, it’s also good at spreading false information. Besides that, things can certainly change in production — a scene might play out just a little differently than scripted, or there might be fake scenes shot a la Game of Thrones.

In the grand scheme of things, though, that gives Disney and Lucasfilm a solid amount of time to do any post-production tweaking, and notably, it also precedes the Star Wars Celebration planned for next year in Chicago. Since that’ll be in April of 2019, that’s two months to cut together a stupendous trailer and do any visual effects that might be necessary to really wow the fans going to the convention.

That’s also probably when we’ll get a title reveal, based on what happened with The Last Jedi. Although it’s possible that a trailer could accompany something like Captain Marvel in March, Star Wars usually gets a little more fanfare than that these days, even though the promise of a look at Star Wars could up the hype for Captain Marvel even further.

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In the meantime, Culturess will bring you everything you need to know from Episode IX‘s production!