Harry Potter and the no good rotten summers with the Dursleys


An important thing to remember about Harry Potter is the struggle he had growing up when he was at Hogwarts because he would always have to go home to the Dursleys.

When you think about the summers that Harry Potter spent away, it isn’t exactly a nice thought. First, he had to go back to the Dursleys on Privet drive each and every year. Second, he had no contact with the wizarding world and his friends.

So while he had managed to escape the hold his aunt and uncle had on him day in and day out, every summer he would return to it. It wasn’t until he was old enough to say no that he didn’t have to return to the Dursleys.

Sure, it got better once he became a wizard because his aunt and uncle were afraid of what he could do but still, it wasn’t that great of a relationship for Harry. It would have been so much nicer if we could have seen him with his friends, spending his days hanging out with Ron and Hermione and getting to be happy.

There are so many tragic aspects of this character that when we get to see him just be a kid for a second, it can make a scene something so special. Imagine if we got those moments throughout the summer without Ron and his brothers having to break Harry out of a literally prison that his aunt and uncle put him into.

At least we know that, soon, Harry would be returning to Hogwarts anyway.

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Who do you wish Harry could have spent his summers with? Sound off and let us know! Personally, I wish he could have spent every summer with Sirius Black!