Even Chris Hemsworth wasn’t impressed with Thor: The Dark World


In a new interview, Chris Hemsworth recently weighed in on his solo Marvel movies as Thor, and even he wasn’t impressed with one of them.

Chris Hemsworth is the new GQ cover model, and as part of their rather wide-ranging interview with the actor, he had a chance to discuss the role that made him a god. And it turns out that even Thor himself is not a fan of one of his solo movies.

Perhaps it is unsurprising really to learn that even Hemsworth was unimpressed with Thor: The Dark World. While he did say that he felt that the first of his solo adventures was “good,” when it came to his second outing on his own, the reaction was less enthusiastic. According to Chris Hemsworth, “the second one is meh.”

Of course, the actor is referring to Thor: The Dark World, which was his second chance to be the sole focus (mostly) of a Marvel movie. In fact, it seems that Hemsworth knows what the problem is with the film. According to the actor part of the problem with the movie is, “what masculinity was, the classic archetype — it just all starts to feel very familiar.”

After a while, the idea of the same hero unchanging in his ways gets relatively stale and old. And that was the issue with Thor: The Dark World. Things simply didn’t feel fresh, because we were getting the same Thor we had in the first movie and in the Avengers. In fact, as UPROXX pointed out, even the film’s Rotten Tomatoes reviews make it clear that it was one of the least successful movies in all of the MCU. (It barely passes as fresh with a 66 percent rating.)

It was not until the third solo Thor movie that we really got a fresh and new look at the god of thunder. In Thor: Ragnarok, fans were treated to a much more human version of the character. Rather than the usual unbending Thor who we were first introduced to, this version of the character seemed to be much more relaxed and even a bit sillier than previously shown.

Hemsworth always found a way to make Thor more fun and approachable in the movie — even after his character was held prisoner on Sakaar, and his sister tried to rule Asgard. After all this time, Thor was not quite as uptight and rigid, and it made for a much better movie. (The 92 percent fresh score is a huge difference from 66.)

While Thor: The Dark World may not be fans or Chris Hemsworth’s favorite Thor movie, it certainly helped to get the character to the more human version we saw in not only Ragnarok, but even in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Even with the devastation of Infinity War, we can only hope that we get to see more of the new Thor. Perhaps another solo movie will help Chris Hemsworth and the rest of us get past the “meh” of Dark World.