Chris Pine in Outlaw King is going to have us falling in love with Robert the Bruce


Want another reason to love Chris Pine? Well, the trailer for Outlaw King guarantees to have us swooning over his portrayal of Robert the Bruce.

While we couldn’t wait to see Chris Pine with a Scottish accent, his bad hair as Robert the Bruce might be our downfall. Pine is set to star in Outlaw King, the new David MacKenzie film for Netflix about the king of Scotland during their fight for independence from Great Britain.

The movie marks the second time that Pine and MacKenzie have worked together (the first being 2016’s Hell or High Water). While the story is very much not Hell or High Water, the movie still seems to bring out a remarkable performance in Pine.

Following the fight for independence that Scotland has continued to endure for centuries, Robert the Bruce is one of their most beloved kings to this day. Also starring Lady Macbeth‘s Florence Pugh and Marvel’s Aaron Taylor-Johnson, this rugged telling of Scottish history is truly going to make us fall in love with Pine as a king.

Are we going to love this even though his hair is absolutely terrible? Probably.

Pine has a lovely accent and his gray beard is on display, so those curious how Pine would look as he ages have a bit of a preview.

This work is a departure from the Pine we’ve seen in film so far, and it’ll be nice to see how he tackles the king as opposed to his upcoming role as Steve Trevor once again in Wonder Woman 1984 or his television show run as Jay Singletary in I Am The Night. 

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Check back here on Culturess for more news and updates on Outlaw King as we get closer to the release. Are we going to sit through Pine with a Scottish accent? Yes, of course. We’d sit through anything those blue eyes told us to do.