15 essential Captain Picard episodes to get you pumped for his return

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“The Perfect Mate” (S5E21)

Picard perks: Picard and friends, Picard in love, and annoyed Picard.

What it’s about: On a diplomatic mission to end a multi-generational war, a woman called a Metamorph, Kamala, is being gifted to another leader in a politically arranged marriage. She is special, a rare empath who is intensely alluring to all men around her until she is bonded to one.

Doctor Crusher nearly breaks the fourth wall with her argument. (Easily summed up as “come on!”) And while Picard finds the whole arrangement personally offensive, and Kamala incredibly tempting and attractive, he fights to maintain the integrity of the mission and uphold the prime directive.

In an odd twist, once the Metamorph realizes that her groom-to-be cares little for her and would in fact, a waste her education, talents, and all about her that is unique, she chooses to bond with Picard first. Her solution is to just wing it as far as her relationship with her husband. She says “Having bonded with you, I’ve learned the meaning of duty… I’m still empathic. I will be able to please him.” That demonstrates that even in bizarro-land, some cleverness can allow you some agency.

Picard quotes: 

  • “Now that I know that you are listening to my voice, I find that I can’t think of anything to say.”
  • The end of the episode, the ambassador bids farewell to our captain and they have a short exchange. The ambassador asks Picard how he resisted Kamala and Picard only responds with: “Mr. Ambassador, have a safe trip home.”