15 essential Captain Picard episodes to get you pumped for his return

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“Yesterday’s Enterprise” (S3E15)

Picard perks: Alternate uniforms, and Picard and friends.

What it’s about: When a previous Enterprise appears out of a subspace singularity, Guinan immediately senses a disturbance in the timeline. She confronts Picard telling him he must send the ship and its people back to their inevitable demise. Tasha Yar makes another appearance in this episode, and chooses to go on a suicide mission to rectify her senseless death in the true timeline.

It’s a beautiful leap of faith to see Picard trust his friend so deeply. Furthermore, his humility in surrendering to his duty is inspiring. Picard knows that he does not get to choose who lives or dies, and that if these people need to die in the past, not only could it save the present, it would restore the proper order of things.

He may want to save lives, but in the end, life and death are not decisions he has any authority over in the first place. Once he accepts this, he is remarkably comfortable and strong in his plan and his decision to get Enterprise-C back home. Enterprise-D provides cover as Klingon warbirds attack the Enterprise-C. Picard sacrifices his own ship and crew to do so, as C is moving incredibly and idiotically slow back to the singularity.

What’s more, Patrick Stewart really gets to display a wide range of emotions to show off his fantastic acting skills in this episode.

Picard Quotes:

  • “Let’s make sure history never forgets the name… Enterprise.”
  • “That will be the day.”