15 essential Captain Picard episodes to get you pumped for his return

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“We’ll Always Have Paris” (S1E23)

Picard perks: Fencing Picard, Picard in love.

What it’s about: The Enterprise crew are near Vandor Four, a tiny planet, and begin experience time loops and minor temporal anomalies. Upon examining the planet, they find a laboratory, and in it, one of the greatest scientific minds in the Federation and his wife. The wife, it turns out, is an old flame of Picard’s, and one he stood up in Paris 22 years ago.

Manheim, the genius scientist, is trying to prove his multiverse theory and believes experiments in time is the way to unlocking them. While Jenice, the old flame, assists the crew in resolving the anomalies and his research, she and Captain Picard confront their past and reconcile.

Picard squirms, struggles, and rationalizes being a scoundrel in the past. But Jenice can and always has seen right past him. After they save the day and rescue Manheim, Picard acknowledges he always underestimated Jenice, and that was a mistake.

Picard quotes: 

  • “No, no, Lieutenant. The advantage was yours. Come again. En garde!”
  • “You’re wonderful. And am I that transparent?”
  • “You underestimate her. I know, because I once did.”