Star Wars Resistance’s first trailer has plenty of Poe Dameron and BB-8


With the premiere of Star Wars Resistance less than two months away, it’s nice to finally get another look at the show’s distinct animation style.

Star Wars Resistance might not have gotten the same fanfare as, say, the revival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own appeal. That appeal seems to be lovingly animated ships and flying, leading to a very different animated style than the Star Wars shows that have preceded it.

The show is set to premiere on Oct. 7 over on the Disney Channel, and it seems as though BB-8 will feature pretty heavily, judging by the special art used on the official Star Wars Twitter account as a thumbnail for the first trailer. Over on the official site for the franchise, it’s been confirmed that the first episode will last for a full hour, explaining that Kazuda Xiono will spend time on the Colossus, “a massive refueling platform on an outer rim ocean planet.”

Going by the trailer, Kazuda looks extremely excited to actually get to do something for the Resistance … only to be very nervous about actually dealing with the people on the Colossus.

Notably, the Star Wars site also confirmed that this show actually takes place before The Force Awakens, which explains why Poe is sporting the jacket that eventually becomes Finn’s in TFA. It also means that we probably won’t be seeing Rey or Finn unless the show lasts long enough to overlap with the movie. It doesn’t rule out a Kylo Ren appearance, though, since he’s also known as a strong pilot, and Kazuda’s mission could put him in close contact with the First Order. Besides, Captain Phasma is back. Why can’t Kylo Ren do the same?

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Here’s hoping that Star Wars Resistance lives up to the expectations set by this first trailer.