Insecure season 3 episode 2 preview: Familiar-Like


You wanna know what’s more important than saving money to move out of your (sort of) ex’s crib? A new episode of Insecure.

Episode 2 of Insecure’s third season will dive deeper into Issa’s professional and financial life. As a refresher, during Issa’s follow up calls in the season premiere, one of the schools mentioned the organization’s racially insensitive logo as the reason why they stopped working with WGY (the logo depicts a white hand scooping up three Black children).

The issue comes up again during a meeting in the promo for episode 2. What’s intriguing about this moment is that the comment about the logo comes from another one of WGY’s white employees, not Issa. True to form, Joanne plays the gaslighting game by saying that the logo isn’t racist since the white hand in the picture is hers, because that would make it so much better.

I can’t help but wonder if Issa’s colleagues just went along with Joanne’s dangerous white savior attitude for the sake of staying employed. It doesn’t make them better, but it might shed more light on the power dynamics at WGY that promote such a problematic workplace.

Issa tries to get her money right

Also in the preview, Issa pays Kelli a visit to discuss her financial situation. Despite her side gig as a Lyft driver and her efforts to save money, Issa still doesn’t have enough to move out on her own. Kelli also roasts Issa about her credit score, which, at a 425 (according to Kelli’s computer screen), could definitely be better.

Issa’s money woes tie into the final storyline of the episode: her increasingly awkward living arrangement with Daniel. In the promo, Issa asks Daniel to let her stay with him a bit longer and Daniel drops the bomb that his girlfriend, Vanessa, isn’t comfortable with Issa being around. Daniel agrees to give Issa another week to get on her feet before she has to leave. The final scene in the preview shows Issa cleaning up the (very scuzzy) kitchen of an apartment that might be her new place.

This episode will be the first test in Issa’s quest to “know better and do better.” Her lack of a financial cushion is a setback, but if Issa’s really committed to turning her life around, this shouldn’t stop her. Daniel continues to be a jerk about his new relationship. He’s now veering very close to “kicking someone while they’re down” territory. But, I still don’t want to give Issa too much credit. This is the price you pay when you shack up with a person you share such a complicated history with.

We Got Y’all looks like it might actually start to see some protest and upheaval from employees other than Issa. I wonder if Freida’s “good-natured” neutrality will hold firm as the cracks in WGY’s “community outreach” start to show.

Watch the preview for Insecure‘s next episode here:

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