Glass Hair becomes latest hair trend celebs love, from Kim Kardashian to Jenna Dewan


Celebrities have turned the concept known as “glass hair” into a stylishly chic trend, and we’ve got the gotta-do hairdo 411 on this star phenom.

A concept known as “glass hair” has become a stylish new trend, thanks to celebrities hopping on this sassy yet classy bandwagon. While bob haircuts remain hot in Hollywood, the concept of “glass hair” is taking that style to a sleek new level. It’s all about creating a geometrically sharp haircut that’s then styled to look well, like, glass.

Vidal Sassoon credited for starting trend

Hairstylist to the stars Cash Lawless told Refinery 29 that Vidal Sassoon deserves credit for creating the original concept in the 1960s of super-shiny short haircuts.

“We first saw polish and shine in a glass-like manner popularized by Vidal Sassoon in the ’60s,” recalled Lawless. “He was achieving immense levels of shine on short geometric cuts.”

Fast-forward to 2018, and videos of Sassoon-style cuts are going viral, according to Cash. Celebrities’ go-to-hairstylists noticed the hot trend, leading to an increasing number of sharply sleek hairdos that are so polished and shiny, you long to pick up the Windex, spray, and check to see if you can catch your reflection on the head of someone like — hmm — how ’bout Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton, explained on Instagram that he wanted “swishy glass hair” for Kardashian. That meant crafting a “really intense shine,” which he achieved with ColorWow Hair Dream Coat.

Chris pointed out that Kim’s “super sharp bob” achieves that hot glass hairstyle by going extra-short, just below her jawline. He achieved the blunt cut without angles, adding volume by kicking under the ends of her hair for that “cute ’90s twist.”  As for the exact details of getting that glassy shine?

Appleton explained that on wet hair, he applied Color Wow Hair Dream Coat then dried the hair using a large round bristle brush.

Ashley Graham

Celebrity hairstylist for Ashley Graham, Justine Marjan proudly shared her model client’s glass hair creation on Instagram.

Graham opted for the glass hairstyle for the all-important Met Ball. Justine created the equally trendy blunt bob for the model, achieving the shiny look that’s so essential for glass hair happiness.

Jenna Dewan

Although Jenna’s Instagram page shows a mixture of hairstyles, you can see her flaunting that glass hair look in the photo below. Just like Kardashian, Dewan sports a central part for her jaw-length bob.

Lawless shared that to achieve this look, he used a flat iron on Jenna’s hair. The celebrity hairstylist then used Seven’s Polish Balm on the roots to avoid those annoying flyaway hairs. A dab of shine serum on the rest of Dewan’s hair gives it that coveted super-shiny look.

Jourdan Dunn

British model and actress Jourdan Dunn provides the perfect example of how even the curliest hair can achieve the glass hair trend. Compare her curly hair here with the glass look above.

If you want to try a similar transformation, Lawless has some advice. It’s all about choosing the right product for your hair.

“Using the wrong product for a glassy look can destroy your hair,” cautioned the celebrity hairstylist. “For example, if you used a salt spray and applied the flat iron to your hair, you’re going to be in a serious breakage situation.”


Olivia Culpo

Since winning the Miss Universe pageant in 2012, Olivia Culpo has soared in fame as a model and actress. And the I Feel Pretty actress looks pretty amazing with her glassy hair.

To quote Olivia’s punny caption: “Letzzzzz be blunt” in expressing just how inspired we feel by her perfectly sleek and shiny blunt cut that highlights the beauty of glass hair.

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