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1997 – Titanic

Who hasn’t seen Titanic? Well, hopefully small children haven’t but obviously, we need to quickly show them the movie so they’re aware of what half the pop culture references are out there.

Based on the real life story about the sinking of the “unsinkable” RMS Titanic, which tragicaly did sink — the movie was a James Cameron classic that gave us the love story of Jack Dawson and Rose.

Rose, a rich woman who is meant to marry a man she doesn’t love, meets Jack Dawson, who is simply a scruffy guy headed to New York. The two form an unlikely bond when he stops her from trying to kill herself and, throughout their time on the ship, they fall in love with each other.

Look, after you ever heard the “they both could have fit on the doors theory”? Well, it is from Titanic. They wanted to both keep themselves alive but the door Rose was floating on would sink if both her and Jack got on it.

A story about love, loss, and the joy that comes from feeling free, Titanic is one of the greatest love stories to ever exist in movies. Please don’t throw your jewelry in the ocean though.