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1992 – Aladdin

Much like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin flew in on his magic carpet and we were hooked. Aladdin is brought into this crazy world when he finds a genie in a lamp and gets to have three wishes. He can’t wish for love but he can make himself the kind of man that people want to be.

So he becomes “Prince Ali” and gets to fall in love with Jasmine, the princess who has the best pet in the entire world of Disney. Raja is Jasmine’s tiger and Aby is Aladdin’s monkey, and yes while we’re here to see these two fall in love, their pets are pretty adorable too.

The love story is beautiful. Aladdin truly wants to show Jasmine the world, and for a princess who is ready to break all the rules, that sounded just fine to her. But first, they have to defeat a powerful sorcerer, Jafar. Just wait until the end of the movie for the sweetest scene of all with Genie getting his freedom.

The music, much like every Disney movie, is iconic and most kids still remember every wor. Also who didn’t want a pet Abu or Raja growing up? A pet tiger would epic and if we get to wear Jasmine’s beautiful diadem, we’re in!