Yes, that’s a sequel hook at the end of Crazy Rich Asians


If you’re ready for more of Crazy Rich Asians, don’t worry: yes, there’s definitely potential for a sequel, per the director.

Now that Crazy Rich Asians is officially in theaters, already racking up $5 million, Jon M. Chu is free to talk a little more about the plot of the film. If you’ve seen the movie and waited through the just-as-gorgeous-as-the-movie credits, then you’ve probably seen the moment where Astrid locks eyes with a handsome man played by Harry Shum Jr.

Chu, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, said that “There’s a lot of gold [with Astrid] to mine, and I hope we get the opportunity.” Hopefully, that strong box office will help that opportunity become a reality.

Chu also noted that reducing it to just a tease changed Astrid’s story for the better, since it became “about her, not about her finding love [emphasis EW‘s].” So what could a potential Astrid and Charlie Wu movie look like? Naturally, there’d probably be some parts for Rachel Chu and Nick Young, the leads of Crazy Rich Asians, since they are getting married — perhaps it’s their wedding that brings Charlie more permanently back into Astrid’s orbit.

Additionally, there’d be room for moments of support between Rachel and Astrid, giving continuity with the first Crazy Rich Asians. However, Astrid does have a child and a divorce impending, which could change up the plot of the film and help prevent any sequel feeling too much like the original in terms of storyline.

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Mostly, though, we just want a chance to watch Astrid continue her own story. The world could use some more feel-good romcoms right about now, and Astrid and Charlie could definitely provide that. Here’s hoping that box office is good enough to make Warner Bros. interested in actually making the next movie (and reuniting the cast).