Marvel fans already have ideas for the Captain Marvel post-credits scene


Never mind that there are still seven months until Captain Marvel. The speculation is rampant for how the film will end and who might appear.

It’s an oddly quiet time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain Marvel has finished filming, as has Avengers 4. Ant-Man and the Wasp has come and gone past its big release window. Avengers: Infinity War‘s home release and bonus content has revived interest in the film, yes, but that hasn’t stopped fans from working on their speculation.

Inverse discovered a Redditor who proposed that it’s the Ancient One who ends up helping Nick Fury and Captain Marvel get in touch at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. The theorist, u/bluecoloredlenses, proposes that the post-credits scene of Captain Marvel will see Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One telling Fury that the pager will be necessary; the user posits that Fury found the Ancient One at some point in the ’90s, and the Ancient One used her powers to tell him what was going on.

“Rather than a time jump, it is just Strange looking in to the past [sic] and seeing Fury’s future, which ties in to Strange’s future,” the user says. Since there are several million futures that Strange works with in that brief moment, that’s entirely possible, and since there are so many members of the MCU — so many pieces in the game — seeing Fury calling Captain Marvel seems likely.

It’s unclear if the user meant the past, though, because Strange explicitly says that he is looking into the future of the battle against Thanos; would the Time Stone really show the past too? Perhaps he looked back briefly to see why the heck Fury uses his last moments to push a pager button of all things, and then Strange will casually explain this whenever he comes back.

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The fact that the out still exists, though, lends credence to the theory, and we’ll have to agree with Inverse: it’d be a cool way to tie everything together.