Harry Potter has joined Liverpool Football Club


Liverpool Football Club has a boy wizard in their midst. Midfielder James Milner has gone and got himself the Harry Potter look.

The Premier League is underway and Liverpool Football Club has a new player amongst them, Harry Potter. James Milner is sporting a nice little cut on his head and everyone can’t help but point out how he resembles The Boy Who Lived.

Milner has been taking it in his stride as well. He happily shared on Twitter his new look and if anyone was up for playing a game of Quidditch?

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Of course, as soon as Milner put out there that he was looking a bit like Harry Potter, other Twitter users started sharing their photoshopped versions of him in various Harry Potter scenes.

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One user shared Milner photoshopped into the classic Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie poster. Another shared Milner actually playing Quidditch, again photoshopped from a scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. While one fan swapped out the football for a Golden Snitch.

And there is plenty more out there.

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It’s all been good fun for everyone although it’s unclear if Milner was maybe looking for a bit of sympathy with the cut forehead.

It was a great start for Liverpool Football Club as well as they won their match against West Ham 4 – 0. They may want t

o consider if Milner having the lightning bolt scar brought them some magical luck.

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Did you Milner looking like Harry Potter doing the rounds on Twitter? Where you someone who did a bit of photoshop? Sound off by dropping a comment below.