Deadpool 2 concept art shows Domino almost had a Winter Soldier-like look


The concept artist for Deadpool 2’s Domino showed off three different designs for the lucky hero — all of them looking much more like the comic book version of her character.

As one of the lucky few who actually survived being in the X-Force (RIP, everyone else), Zazie Beatz’s Domino easily became one of the best characters in the movie. And not only was she a fierce fighter, but she also had a fierce look.

Her style was much more unique to the movie, though, rather than staying true to the comic. But concept art for Domino shows that her character originally could have looked much more like the comic book version fans have come to know.

Marvel Entertainment illustrator Alexander Lozano showed off a few of those designs on Instagram, and they all seem to make Domino look like a much darker character than she ended up being in the movie. The design, as Lozano writes, was for the Tim Miller version of the movie (Miller left the project to direct the latest Terminator movie), which probably means Miller had a different idea of how Domino’s character should have been.

Looking at the designs, it’s clear to see that they were going for the “stealthy assassin” style for Domino here. It almost makes her look like a cross between Alice from the Resident Evil films and Bucky Barnes in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Although Domino still does wear a spandex, Black Widow-like suit in the film, being sleeveless and jacket-free just makes her look a lot less gritty.

The original designs really make it seem as if she would have been just like Cable. So perhaps it’s good that Domino’s character got an upgrade in the David Leitch version of the movie — because we really don’t need two gritty, brooding characters in a Deadpool movie. It’d feel too much like the DCEU.

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Lozano seems to be planning a Tim Miller character design spree on Instagram. Earlier he released an equally gritty design for Juggernaut. And, according to his Instagram, it seems he plans to release sketches for five characters in total.