25 celebrities you didn’t know had music careers

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Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is an interesting character to begin with. He’s an action star but was originally a martial arts instructor in Japan. He has also recently been appointed as Russian Special Envoy to the United States by President Vladimir Putin (what even is happening in America?). So with so many different things going on, surely nobody is surprised to find out that he has also dabbled in music.

The actor is a guitarist and actually has an extensive guitar collection. Even though his interest in music goes far back, he didn’t release his first studio album until 2005. The album, titled Songs from the Crystal Cave, was a rock-blues album, and also had some reggae and dancehall-style tracks (seriously).

Songs from the Crystal Cave featured some surprising collaborations. Seagal worked with Stevie Wonder, as well as dancehall artist Lady Saw (probably known stateside for her vocals on No Doubt’s “Underneath It All”). Saw was featured on the track “Strut” which featured lyrics like — wait for it — “Me want the poonani, see for make nice”. And yes, that was a line Seagal uttered. Gross.

He released his second album, Mojo Priest, in 2006. Unlike with his first album, Seagal embarked on a huge tour to promote Mojo Priest across the United States. It probably didn’t make much of a difference. His music career has never really been taken seriously, and his albums have received less than favorable reviews, in case you were wondering. How he managed to get Stevie Wonder and other accomplished musicians onboard is beyond us!