Report: Pokémon may have more games coming for Nintendo Switch


The more Pokémon, the better, right? That might just sum Nintendo’s plans for the franchise up if new reports turn out to be accurate.

Although no new Pokémon have been added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, while other franchises like Fire Emblem and Mario have seen some newcomers in echo fighters Chrom and Daisy, that doesn’t mean that the franchise is dormant — not by a long shot. Instead, ScreenRant has found one fan who’s discovered that things could be about to get very interesting for the future of Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch, as Amazon UK seems to have accidentally revealed the existence of two games for the Switch.

While there’s speculation on ScreenRant’s part that these could be ports from the Nintendo 3DS, another possibility is instead that the games, whatever they may be, will release on both systems. There’s precedent for it in other franchises; Fire Emblem Warriors had both a Switch and 3DS simultaneous release, for example. Although the 3DS is nearing the end of its lifespan, one last Poké-hurrah for the platform wouldn’t go amiss — and could spur a few more sales of the console this holiday season.

Yes, it says Switch title in the screenshot taken by @CrocOclock, but it’s not impossible that things might be just a little jumbled up; looking at the listing as of this writing, the platform for both of the Pokémon logo-using listings has the 3DS as the platform, but still has “Switch title” in the name of the product.

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Fans in the comments on the original tweet also suspect that these placeholders could mean nothing at all, so it’s up to you, readers: do you want to get your hopes up and gamble on Nintendo having a few more surprises up its sleeve, or are you happy with what we’re already getting in a rich 2018?