These remixes will help you relive The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Even if you haven’t played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time lately, the music stays with you, and a fan has released his own takes on the iconic tracks.

Like fanfiction or fanart, the world of fan-made music is wide and full of songs that might not really tickle your ears as much as the original tracks do. Fortunately, there are always exceptions to this, and it seems like Ro Panuganti’s The Temples (h/t Nerdist) is certainly within that category, particularly for The Legend of Zelda fans who still remember Ocarina of Time fondly.

The short album doesn’t cover every single iconic song from Ocarina of Time, instead focusing on the story of the Hero of Time in his adult incarnation — so it starts with the Temple of Time, where he awakens, and follows him through all of the temples right to Ganon’s Castle and the final battle. The songs use everything from a sitar and organ to the expected electric guitar, with tracks like “In Shadow” perfectly capturing the wailing moans of the original song.

Bandcamp has the entire album:


Ocarina of Time

were ever to get a full-blown HD remake with an entirely orchestral soundtrack, Nintendo should probably give Ro Panuganti a call to provide some remixes of the original tunes. Even

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

, with its emphasis on music, could probably use some of these songs. Can you imagine kicking Ganondorf’s butt to “In Evil” and coming out victorious while playing as Link, Young Link, Zelda, or Sheik?

So can we.

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But beyond that, an album like this speaks to the dedication of fans of The Legend of Zelda. With the Fandom 250 for 2018 closer than ever, an album like The Temples shows that even without a new game this year, Zelda fans are ready to show their love for the franchise.