Game of Thrones season 8 theory proposes an undead end for Cersei


Cersei Lannister’s probably not going to survive season 8 of Game of Thrones, but could there be more than death in her future?

Game of Thrones fans have a lot of time on their hands lately, and that’s led to more ideas about where season 8 could go. One of the latest proposals making the rounds on Reddit posits what could bring the entire series to a close: the complete abandonment of Westeros and a Night Queen taking over the continent.

The user, alacer88, says that a shot of Cersei waking up as the Night Queen would close the entire series, and that Daenerys would take survivors to Essos in a sort of Fear the Walking Dead homage (because most undead can’t swim). Many of the comments note how this would leave the door open for more series in the future.

Would Cersei ever become queen of the undead, though? Thematically, it could work. Both seasons 6 and 7 place quite a bit of emphasis on shots of her with her crown on or otherwise looking regal, but there have been hints that the power could and has gone to her head, giving her a degree of perhaps unearned confidence in how the war against the Night King will play out.

What better way to emphasize how thoroughly she’s lost than to turn her into a leader of the very army she doesn’t really believe in? If the Night King can turn a dragon into a wight dragon, than turning an adult into a queen seems within the realm of possibility.

Beyond that, however, the idea of Daenerys and whoever’s left using Essos as an escape plan seems quite viable, although as the comments note, it’s not like she rules all of Essos. It might be discussed in the final season before being dismissed.

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