Star Wars: Obi-Wan movie, if it exists, might not have Ewan McGregor


What exactly is happening with the Star Wars spinoffs? Whatever’s going on, they don’t have Ewan McGregor lined up right now, per the star himself.

The latest quote from Ewan McGregor vis a vis any work he may or may not be doing as Obi-Wan Kenobi for the Star Wars franchise seems like an exercise in specificity. Per IGN, The View asked him if he’d be willing to don the robes of a Jedi again.

What he took that to mean, apparently, was an Obi-Wan movie, as he specifically mentioned the kind of material the character has right after saying that he doesn’t know if there’s actually a movie in the works. (Rumor has it that production might kick off in Belfast, although those reports came six months ago and there hasn’t been much activity since.)

What he didn’t mention, however, were the reports that say he’ll actually be back for Episode IX. To be fair, those reports still need to be taken with a grain of salt considering their original source, something Culturess pointed out when writing about those rumors. In other words, what he’s said could be true … from a certain point of view.

IGN puts forward the idea that it could be someone else who takes up the Obi-Wan cloak and robes because of the age factor, but that also doesn’t seem to make much sense. Obi-Wan’s about 57 when he dies in A New Hope; McGregor is currently 47, and there’s a 19-year span between Luke’s birth and his leaving Tatooine to play with, meaning that it’s not impossible.

For our money, the likelihood of McGregor getting to come back to the franchise lies in his getting a moment to shine in Episode IX. Here, just enjoy the clip:

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Would you watch any Obi-Wan return to Star Wars?