10 of our favorite moments from Voltron season 7


Season 7 of Voltron is streaming now on Netflix, and as predicted, all 13 episodes are filled with non-stop action, fun, and emotions from beginning to end.

The previous season ended on an epic note. The Paladins of Voltron defeated Lotor and destroyed the Castle of Lions in the process. Allura also transferred Shiro’s spirit from the Black Lion into a clone. It was a crazy season finale, but it helped set the stage for the season 7 opener, where the Paladins finally embark on the journey back home to Earth.

Here are the coolest and most intense moments from the new season.

Saving each other

There’s no doubt Shiro and Keith share a strong bond, but it was unclear how the two met until now. Through a series of flashbacks, we discover that Keith had disciplinary issues growing up and most people believed he wouldn’t amount to anything, but not Shiro.

Shiro vouched for him and stood by him when no one else would, thus giving him the proper chance to build a better future for himself.

Jumping back to the present, Keith went above and beyond to save Shiro from certain death. When Shiro finally recovers, Keith is relieved and says, “We saved each other.” It’s a beautiful coming-full-circle moment because Shiro saved Keith from himself all those years ago, and Keith was able to do the same years later.

Unexpected team-up

When characters go off course and stray away from the goal, that’s when bad things tend to happen. For Team Voltron, doing this lands them in a Galra prison. Escape doesn’t seem likely until the arrival of Acxa, one of Lotor’s generals who is now trying to right her wrongs.

Acxa and Keith have run into each other several times before, and at one point, she spared his life. This time around, he takes it upon himself to return the favor when she finds herself in a tight spot. He jumps into the action just in time and the two watch each other’s backs once more.

It begs the question, though. Is Acxa interested in Keith in a romantic way? Or is she related to him somehow, as some fans have been theorizing? Only time will tell, but for now, this moment of badassery goes down as one of the best.

Voltron: Legendary Defender season 7 production still. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Druid down

Keith has come a long way. From a troubled kid to a Paladin of Voltron, he has proven himself to be a valuable part of the team time and time again. Not only that, but he has also become a capable leader and warrior.

When he finds out that the remaining members of the Blade of Marmora have been lured to their deaths by one of Haggar’s druids, he momentarily gets lost in the heat of the fight before quickly finding his focus.

In a Toph-like moment from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Keith closes his eyes and concentrates on where his enemy will appear next. When he pinpoints that exact location, he strikes and the druid goes down in one smooth motion. It’s a scene that reminds us once again why Keith remains to be a fan-favorite character.

The Holts spill the beans

Should the government keep the existence of alien life a secret from its citizens in order to prevent mass hysteria? For Samuel and Colleen Holt, the answer is a defiant no.

Desperate to warn Earth’s citizens of the inevitable attack from hostile aliens, the Holts take over the communication channels and spill the beans to the rest of the world. It’s a bold move, but a necessary one because how is the world supposed to defend itself if it doesn’t even know what’s coming?

Even more surprising was the overwhelming response from the average citizen wanting to step up to the plate and help with the cause. It’s one of those rare moments where the human race actually comes through as a unified people for once and you can’t help but feel proud.

Voltron: Legendary Defender season 7 production still. Image courtesy of Netflix.

There for Hunk

Keith isn’t the most talkative in the group and he’s definitely not the hugging type, but as a growing leader, he’s learning when to step in and be there for his friends. Hunk, on the other hand, is a caring and lovable soul, so when he closes himself off, something is definitely wrong.

There’s nothing that screams out brotherhood and friendship more than when these two get together to talk things out. Keith gives Hunk the emotional support he needs, and he encourages Hunk to find the answers he seeks while also tagging along in the process.

This interaction between them helps reinforce the fact that men should not be ashamed about feeling and expressing their emotions. It’s a healthy process, so take the toxic masculinity someplace else because these two characters strive to be better than that.

Shiro’s new arm

Allura is one of those characters who doesn’t let the distressing events around her get the best of her. She always finds a way to think back on what she learned from her father and her prior experiences, and this time around, she uses that knowledge to create a new arm for Shiro.

It’s an act that reminds us how selfless she is and how she puts everyone before herself. Not only that, but she also gives up the crystal from her crown to power up Shiro’s arm. This crown is a relic of her past and she willingly lets it go to save her friend, and ultimately, it helps save Earth. Something she, unfortunately, couldn’t do for her own home planet.

Allura is more than just a princess and she doesn’t need a crown to identify herself as that. She is a queen among men and her actions are what make her an awesome character.

Red to the rescue

Lance is the funny guy of the group. He’s cute, charming, and smart, but he also tries really hard to be noticed and accepted as an equal. So when his Lion doesn’t come to him when he summons it from Earth, we can’t help but freak out.

He’s pinned down by enemy forces, and the first thing that comes to mind is that this Paladin might actually lose his life against the Galra. Just when we think the end is near, that’s when Red comes to the rescue. She crushes the bad guys and saves Lance in the process, and the rest of us breathe a sigh of relief.

Lance isn’t some dumb guy who just happened to fall into this mess back in season 1. He’s a natural defender and someone who’s willing to give up his life for his family and friends. Like the other Paladins, he’s destined for greatness and he’s going to achieve that with his Lion at his side.

Voltron: Legendary Defender season 7 production still. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Pilotless Lions

While the Paladins have been operating the Lions for a good amount of time now, there’s plenty of gadgets and abilities they still don’t know how to access. Every battle yields a new lesson, but what happens when the Paladins are separated from their Lions? Well, they operate them using their minds, of course.

It was fascinating to see the Paladins advance so much in their skill that they were able to navigate the Lions through battle without being in them. And it wasn’t a skill that just one of them picked up. All 5 of them successfully connected with their Lions and operated them while still being held as prisoners on Sendak’s ship.

It’s a mark of true teamwork and how closely they’ve bonded with their Lions over time.

Goodbye, Sendak

Let’s face it. Keith was on a roll this entire season, so it’s no surprise that he’s shown up numerous times throughout this list. This time it’s because he finally takes out the thorn that’s been on Team Voltron’s side since season 1: Sendak.

In what can only be described as an epically awesome Samurai move, Keith arrives in the Black Lion just in time to protect Shiro and ejects himself from it to land one final blow. It’s a swift and clean strike, and being the cool guy he is, Keith doesn’t even bother to look back to know that he got the job done.

Transforming Atlas

No one else has shown more resilience and endurance than Shiro. The man has been through hell and back, but he continues forward and finds new ways to triumph over the obstacles life throws at him.

With the Paladins down and the Atlas suffering from major damage inflicted by the mysterious and fearsome robot that essentially came out of nowhere, Shiro does the unthinkable. In a moment of great need, the crystal that came from the Castle of Lions connects with him and the Atlas, allowing it to transform into a giant robot.

Sure, it doesn’t make all that much sense, but it also doesn’t take away from the fact that it was all kinds of awesome. Answers might come later in the next season, but for now, Shiro captaining a giant robot just like the good old days goes down as a best moment in my book.

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A crazy amount of great stuff went down in these 13 new episodes, and the final moments from the season finale left us wanting for more. Before we start thinking about what comes next, what are some of your top moments from season 7?