12 nerdy back to school supplies for all the little and big nerds

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Paper Mate Mates Mechanical Pencil with Lead, Marvel, 4 Count. Image via Paper Mate/Amazon.com.

Paper Mate Marvel Mechanical Pencils

When it comes to your studies, having writing utensils is a must. Whether you need pens or pencils, you can never go wrong with some good old-fashioned mechanical pencils. However, we aren’t talking about plain, boring ones. Instead, grab these Marvel pencils for all your writing needs. With some of your Marvel heroes represented, each pencil will have you writing in style. Plus, since they are refillable, you should be able to navigate the school year with your favorite hero by your side at all times.

Star Trek TNG Isolinear Chip USB Drive. Image via ThinkGeek.com.

Star Trek TNG Isolinear Chip USB Drive

When term papers, essays, and other assignments are being worked on, you’ll probably need a USB drive to store everything and keep it safe. What better way to do that than to grab this Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed USB drive. Whenever you use this drive it will light up (which is so cool) and the port itself is retractable. While this is not the largest storage out there, at 8 GB, you will still have enough room to get plenty of work done. (And now that Captain Picard is coming back to our screens, we want all the TNG stuff we can get.)

Poké Ball Lunch Case. Image via ThinkGeek.com.

Poké Ball Lunch Case

Pokemon lovers, you can’t go back to school without someone to keep you energized. Thanks to this Poké Ball Lunch Case, you can easily store a sandwich and a snack to get you through your classes. And if you are even more fashion-forward, turn this into a clutch or small on-the-go handbag. With an integrated handle and a button release, you will have no problem accessing lunch or whatever else you choose to store in this case.


Rick And Morty Memo Stickies

Ah geez, do you need to label your science textbook, or just need help remembering your next practice later today? Rick, Morty, and the gang have you covered. Rick Sanchez couldn’t build a device IRL to help us remember all those little details, but these sticky notes sure can do the job — especially the ones with Mr. Meeseeks. With these colorfully bright stickies, you’ll be saying “Oh wee”  whenever you (thankfully) remember what’s on your plate next.


Loungefly Stranger Things Sticky Tabs

Even though you’re technically not allowed to watch Netflix in class (admit it, we’ve all tried), you can still embrace Netflix’s favorite thriller, Stranger Things, with these stickies. Eleven, Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are here to get you through school, and maybe even inspire you to be as diligent as them. And don’t worry, if one of your tabs comes up missing, you can probably find it in the Upside Down.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Dark Side Stationery Set. Image via ThinkGeek.com.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Dark Side Stationery Set

Star Wars fans, we have a stationary set that will kick-start your school year with a bang. You might be heading to the dark side with this set, but you won’t be missing any of the accessories you need. With this set, you get a journal, a pen, a memo cube, binder clips, and even file folders. All the things you need to get things going this year are at your disposal, as long as you are ready to go to the dark side

Funko teamed with Pez to create adorably sweet Marvel Pop! collectibles. light. Also

When it comes to heading back to school, you want to be as prepared as possible. And when you want to show off your love of all things nerdy, there is no better way than with the perfect back to school supplies. So have some fun and show off your fandom appreciation.