12 nerdy back to school supplies for all the little and big nerds

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Harry Potter Hogwarts 1.5in Binder set. Image via ThinkGeek.com.

Back to school means all new supplies and getting your nerd on. With these 12 nerdy back to school supplies, you’ll be ready to learn in style.

Back to school is here and that means picking up fresh supplies and preparing for a new year of education. When it comes to going back to school in style, you may want to break out supplies that show off your favorite fandom. With any of these 12 nerdy back to school supplies, you will definitely be able to start the year off right.

Sure, you could head to Staples or Walmart and pick up the standard backpack or notebooks and binders, but really where is the fun in that. And hopefully, with some of these awesome products at your disposal, not only will classes be better, but hopefully a bit more fun too.

Harry Potter 16″ Hogwarts Kids’ Backpack – Gray. Image via Target.com.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Backpack

When it comes to getting ready for going back to school, one of the first things you need is the bag to carry all of your supplies in. And what better way to show off your nerdy side than to break out the Harry Potter Hogwarts backpack from Target. Not only is this bag fashionable, but it is also comfortable thanks to its foam backing. Recommended for the elementary and kindergarten students, this bag is still cute enough for anyone.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rey Ladies’ Backpack. Image via ThinkGeek.com.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rey Ladies’ Backpack

If you are looking to show off your love of all things Star Wars, then this Loungefly Rey-inspired backpack is the perfect choice. Not only is this perfect for the older nerds, but it also features all the pockets and pouches you need. With a magnetic closure and the ability to cinch the bag closed, all of your supplies will be protected no matter who you have to run from (we see you, Stormtroopers).

Game of Thrones King’s Landing Messenger Bag – Exclusive. Image via ThinkGeek.com.

Game of Thrones King’s Landing Messenger Bag

Nothing says nerdy more than the perfect messenger bag. And for all of the older students going back to school, this bag is perfect for carrying your laptop (up to 15 inches), notebooks, and anything else you may need for class. On the sides, you have pockets for water bottles, and inside there is an organizer that helps keep you on track throughout the day. Plus, this is your chance to show off your ability to rule over the seven kingdoms in style.

Moleskine® Batman vs Superman Notebook. Image via Target.com.

Moleskine Batman vs Superman Notebook

Notebooks can be rather standard and even boring, but with this superhero Moleskine notebook, you get to take notes in style. While this is not a standard size notebook, with its elastic closure and stickers for decoration, it is still the perfect place to take notes and keep track off all the things you need to get done. From homework assignments to simple journal entries, this nerdy notebook is a DC-lover’s must have.

NASA Celestial Journal – Exclusive. Image via ThinkGeek.com.

NASA Celestial Journal

Nothing screams nerdy more than a journal with NASA on the cover. And considering you’re probably going to be spending some time in science class, this is the perfect journal for all your space-related notes. This hardbound notebook with its 116 pages is a great way to get everything you need written down without worry. Plus, even the pages themselves will remind you that you’re writing in a NASA journal thanks to the “meatball” logo on every page.

Harry Potter Hogwarts 1.5in Binder – Exclusive. Image via ThinkGeek.com.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Binder

When it comes to back to school, binders are a must have. And with this Harry Potter 1.5 inch binder, you can be nerdy and prepared. Show off your Hogwarts school spirit with the crest of the school on the front and the words “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” along the spine. With magic on your side, you will be able to ace all of your classes (hopefully).