What does Harry Potter returning to theaters mean for fans of the series?


The movies are an important part of every Harry Potter fan’s life so what does the re-release of the movies into major theaters mean to them?

When the new Harry Potter movie would come out, it would be a big production. We’d all have to get our tickets early and be ready for whatever the next installment had in store for us. So to hear that they’re going to be re-released in theaters is a little strange.

Going to see those movies for the first time in theaters was special in an interesting way. We were experiencing the magic together. Now? We’ve all obviously seen the movies. Whether it is in the theaters or at our homes, we all know what happens and love watching them over and over again.

But it almost seems like they just want our money. We can easily watch the Harry Potter movies on television at any given time. So why spend all this money to go back into the theaters? If it was an anniversary then sure but it isn’t any really big milestone.

The 20 year anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is coming up so why not wait until then? It just seems like this is more to make money than to do something special for fans. We love the series and these characters but it feels like our money is more important than our love of Harry and his friends and it is questionable at least.

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Are you going to see the series again? Or do you want to remember those midnight releases as they were when you were a kid? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you’re going to do!