10 horror podcasts you haven’t heard yet

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7. Knifepoint Horror

Some of the best horror is told in the simplest way. That’s not to say that other podcasts, with their soundtracks, voice acting, and high production values, aren’t worth your time. The effort and artistry that go into these are impressive, to say the least.

Yet, sometimes, you need nothing more than a bone-chilling story to keep you up at night. Maybe even the starkness of a format is its own horror. Think of all the ways your brain can fill in the details, no matter how macabre or unsettling the tale.

That’s certainly a good way to approach Knifepoint Horror, the short-form fiction series created by Soren Narnia. Each story is stripped down to its barest elements, to the point where even the titles are single, uncapitalized words like “sisters,” “field,” or “visitation.” In general, the narrators conjured by Soren Narnia speak as if they are confessing. They have seen something horrible or have committed a crime that we can hardly dare to repeat.

Fair warning: these episodes are released, well, pretty much whenever they’re ready. This means that Knifepoint Horror isn’t on the most regular of schedules. Thankfully, there’s a rich back catalogue of episodes that are sure to take up plenty of time. Also, many of the episodes are at least an hour long, if not even longer. It’s perfect for when you want to dig in for a good, long stretch of creepiness. Let’s just hope you don’t have to get a full night’s sleep any time soon.