10 horror podcasts you haven’t heard yet

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1. Limetown

What happened to the people of Limetown? The fiction podcast of the same name, presented as a very convincing and well-made piece of nonfiction reporting, left a lot of people waiting to hear the answer to this mystery. Seriously: the last episode of season 1 aired back in 2016. That wait has been made all the more painful by the many questions that sprung up in the course of that first run of episodes.

It all begins with reporter Lia Haddock (played by Annie-Sage Whitehurst). In the world of the show, she works for American Public Radio (APR). Haddock is looking into the sudden and mysterious disappearance of hundreds of people from Limetown, a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee. For years, people have wondered what sort of top secret projects were going on in Limetown. Does it have something to do with the disappearances?

When Haddock looks further into the mystery, she starts to run afoul of some dark forces. People leave strange messages for her, while others can only talk of parts of their experiences, saying that she isn’t ready yet. When Lia finally gets some answers — both about the research and the missing people – it only opens further questions.

If you weren’t a careful listener, you might first think that Limetown is like any other successful true crime podcast. It boasts top-notch production and voice acting. Even when the story starts to dip into the truly strange, it never quite loses you.

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Thankfully, season 2 of Limetown is premiering in October 2018. While it’s likely that even more mysteries will arise, many viewers will be eagerly awaiting those ominous questions. Hopefully, Lia Haddock herself will be up to the quest yet again.

Here’s hoping these 10 podcasts leave you ready for fall.