New Aquaman promo image gives us a better look at one possible scene


With Aquaman premiering in theaters December 21, we’re eagerly anticipating the future king of Atlantis’ solo movie. And now a new image gives us more.

Aquaman may not hit theaters until December, but we’ve been treated to plenty of amazing teasers and promotional pictures over the last two months. Now a new promo picture has been released by Entertainment Weekly. While there is no information attached to the image, we do get some interesting clues as to what will happen in the film.

As we previously reported, Amber Heard and Jason Momoa were interviewed from the set of Aquaman. That gave us a first look at a new location for the superhero. The interview in question took place on a sound stage in Australia, courtesy of Coming Soon. But while the interview may have been in Australia, the scene being filmed took place in the Sahara Desert.

In fact, the scene they were filming during the interview took place in an empty temple (or at least it seemed empty at the time). Now in this new image, we may actually be seeing what is inside that temple.

The new Aquaman promo pic shows Jason Momoa’s Aquaman standing alongside Amber Heard’s Mera. The temple they seem to be standing in is clearly not empty. Behind them, light can be seen streaming into the doorway as what appear to be stone soldiers stand guard. In front of them, is a circular altar-type structure that’s glowing a blue-green color.

As we have learned, Mera and Aquaman are on a quest to locate the “King’s Trident” and its place of creation. While there is no guarantee that this is the scene in question, just based on the outfits the two are wearing and the unusual setting (which does not appear to be underwater), we believe this could be the temple of the King’s Trident.

Even if this promo pic takes place within the desert temple, we still don’t know what Aquaman and Mera may find at this location. Will their search be over so easily or will they perhaps locate something else that can help them in their battle against the current king of Atlantis?

Although EW may have simply been giving us information on upcoming movies that are not to be missed, with this new promotional image, we have further clues to the Aquaman solo movie.

Clearly, Aquaman is going to be an epic movie with grand settings and beautiful imagery. From everything we have seen so far, this looks to be a truly impressive film on a grand scale.

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We may have to wait to learn if this image really does stem from Aquaman’s quest in the Sahara, but at least we can appreciate the beauty of the film so far. And there is certainly plenty to look at in this one picture alone.