Here’s the heartbreaking way Sebastian Stan learned of Bucky’s Infinity War death


In a recent interview, Sebastian Stan explained what went through his head when he learned of Bucky’s fate in Infinity War.

For many Bucky Barnes fans, and there are a lot of them, watching Infinity War was a stressful time. While it was nice to get to see Bucky looking better after being healed in Wakanda, his small slice of peace didn’t last too long. Fans were surprised when Bucky was one of the characters to be taken by Thanos’ snap, and so was Sebastian Stan.

As has been reported before, not all of the Infinity War actors knew of their character’s deaths until the scenes were about to be filmed. In an interview with Earth’s Mightiest Show, Stan talked about the moment he learned of Bucky’s fate.

Learning of this information right as he was about to film the scene was a lot to process for Stan, who said, “Wait, I — I disappear? Okay, alright. Sure. No, we’re rolling, okay? I’ll just — will you tell me after. I’ll ask you later.”

Earlier in the year at Wizard World Philadelphia, Stan also spoke about the shock and confusion he had when he learned about the death scene that day on set.

"And I was like, ‘maybe this is it.’ And I remember Anthony [Russo] was talking to everybody, and I was like, ‘Anthony, do- OK, I’ll wait. Uh, do- am I- uh, is this it?’And he was like ‘No, well, you know, maybe. But not really. Well, I don’t know.’ So, that’s the way that day went."

The anxiety he seemed to be going through makes sense, and he was likely not alone in his worries as many other actors were told the news of their character’s deaths last minute. As Bucky ended up being the first on-screen to turn to dust, something that came as quite the punch in the gut to many of us fans, the pressure to pull that scene off was likely high.

Luckily, despite needing to process the news on the spot, that strategy worked. Bucky’s confusion as he begins to disintegrate in front of Steve Roger’s eyes is raw and real, and was, of course, heartbreaking for all of us to witness.

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Bucky’s fate in the MCU is still unknown, but he will likely, and hopefully, be returning in Avengers 4 in 2019. We all deserve to see more of his beautiful face going forward, don’t we?

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