Dwayne Johnson shows off Jungle Cruise set, giving us all the Disneyland feels


Jungle Cruise star Dwayne Johnson showed off the latest look at the movie’s set. Anyone’s who’s been on the Disney ride will immediately get all the feels.

You might want to book your next trip to a Disney park after seeing this clip — and you’ll want to grab a Fast Pass for the Jungle Cruise ride, too.

Dwayne Johnson, who’s starring in the ride-turned-film Jungle Cruise, shared a quick video of the set. And from the looks of it, it’s got the same vibe as the classic ride from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

At the beginning of the video, Johnson gave a brief introduction about the ride’s history for those of us who need some schooling. It was first introduced in Disneyland in 1955; Walt Disney himself was the first skipper, a job saved for Disney cast members who give you a tour of the cartoonish jungle as you sail down the river.

At the end of the clip, as it pans out, you see the massive scale of the set Johnson’s working on. The buildings along the river look just like the queue building for the Jungle Cruise ride — or something directly out of Assassins Creed. The set is likely a trading post of sorts, especially given the amounts of boats docked at the river. Either that, or (just like the ride) it’s a popular destination for tourists to get a taste of the wild treasures hidden in the jungle. But moreover, the authenticity and grandeur of the set show that Disney is really going to have one beautiful movie on its hands.

Emily Blunt, who’s also starring in the film, shared another look at the set just last week. There, you can see her in an adventurers costume with Johnson, who’s costume resembles what the skippers wear on the Jungle Cruise ride. In the clip, the two also hint at a romance between them — but those are about all the details of the plot they give away.

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Jungle Cruise is set to open October 2019. If you can’t make it down to one of the Disney parks, this film should be a great way to give you a taste of the adventure that’s in store.