Funko teamed with Pez to create adorably sweet Marvel Pop! collectibles


Pez is bringing us some of its best dispensers thanks to its partnership with Funko. Add Marvel into the mix, and you’ve got a great set of collectibles.

Depending on how hardcore of an adult (and a collector) you are, you might not have bought a Pez dispenser for quite some time. Millenial grown-up delicacies like La Croix and avocado toast have overshadowed the juvenile side of us where we used to guzzle candy like there’s no tomorrow.

But Funko’s Pop!’s Marvel collaboration with Pez might have you wanting to give Pez another try. The company announced on Thursday that it would be releasing several different Pez dispensers featuring Marvel characters.

Those characters include Deadpool, Magneto, Cable, Thor, Loki, the Hulk, Star-Lord, and Yondu. And we can’t forget to mention Marvel legend Stan Lee, who’s also getting his own Pez dispenser. A closer look from Bleeding Cool shows the variety of Pez dispensers available. For example, the Thor and Hulk Pop! dispensers are modeled specifically after the characters’ appearance in Thor: Ragnarok. (As an added bonus, the Hulk will also come in a glow-in-the-dark model as well). And Cable’s likeness for his dispenser looks more like the comic-book version.

Deadpool’s dispenser will come in a few different varieties aside from its normal red and black. A “black/red” Deadpool will available at BoxLunch stores and online. And two varieties of a black/yellow Deadpool (seen below) will be available at Hot Topic.

Funko Pop! and Pez’s Marvel Deadpool in yellow and blue. Image from of Funko Pop! and Pez’s Deadpool in blue and yellow. Image from of

Funko says it plans to hold a launch party for the new Pez collection at the BoxLunch store in Irvine Spectrum store in California. Held on Aug. 25, this will be when the Pez collection becomes available to purchase from Hot Topic and BoxLunch; it won’t be available for other retailers to sell for a few months.

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Even though Pez might not be the most… delectable candy on the market, these Marvel collectibles certainly give it all the more appeal. The Thor and Loki ones, in particular, seem really neat, because who wouldn’t want those Asgardian gods to help us remember the candy-eating days of our childhood?