Filming scheduled to start on The Batman with Ben Affleck as a producer


The Batman finally has a production date and Ben Affleck is still attached to the film, even if there is still no word on if he will star in the movie.

Batman fans, we finally have an idea of when filming will start for the upcoming solo adventure of the Caped Crusader. A new report from Production Weekly says the film will begin production in starting spring 2019.

We still don’t know who will be playing Batman, though we’ve previously discussed possibilities. Ben Affleck is still attached to the film in some way, as he is listed as a producer for the film, while Matt Reeves is the director.

Beyond this knowledge, other things we have learned include the fact that the story will be a “noir driven detective story,” according to a previous report from On top of knowing the type of story Reeves plans to tell, we also know The Batman will not be based on the origin comic known as Year One. In fact, it will not be based on any single comic or storyline.

Knowing that The Batman will not be an origin story means that there is a chance that Batfleck will rise again. Although there has been plenty of debate and rumors over the status of Ben Affleck and his journey with the DCEU, if the new solo film is not an origin story the actor may still be a part of the movie.

Matt Reeves has neither confirmed nor denied rumors regarding Affleck’s involvement in The Batman. In recent interviews, the director has instead talked about how this film is going to be something truly set in the “Batuniverse.” And even over the years and many discussions, that is an idea that has not changed for him or the studio.

According to Reeves:

"A lot of things have happened since then, but the movie, and why I’m excited about it, is it continues to be the same inspirations and excitement of what we talked about in the beginning."

For now, we still don’t know who our Batman will be or even which villains will make their presence known. With no release date yet revealed, and even the storyline still being worked on, it may be some time before we learn what comes next for one of the greatest comic detectives ever created.

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Do you think Ben Affleck will stay on as Batman? Or could someone new step into the superhero’s Batmobile?