Star Wars Episode IX: John Boyega possibly confirmed that Adam Driver’s also already filming


With a single word, John Boyega might just have confirmed that Adam Driver is also already on the set of Star Wars: Episode IX.

Who’s working on Star Wars: Episode IX has mostly been limited to what we can glean from social media. Then again, that’s not much of a surprise, considering that J.J. Abrams himself started the trend. Thankfully, both BB-8’s puppeteer and now John Boyega have continued giving fans tantalizing teases from the set.

Although there’s no official confirmation, it seems Adam Driver is already also hard at work on Episode IX. What does Boyega have to do with this?

Well, he’s the one who tweeted “Yep!” in response to a fan’s question about whether or not he’s hugged Driver yet. See for yourself:

It’s probably not during filming, though. We really can’t see Kylo Ren as a hugger, even a reluctant hugger. Finn’s got better things to do than hug Kylo Ren, too, including filming with Chewbacca and someone else that we’re not sure about. (If anyone’s going to hug Kylo Ren, it should be his mother, and even with Leia confirmed to appear, it doesn’t seem likely that there’s footage of Leia hugging him lying around from either The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi.)

Instead, we’ll just have to sustain ourselves with the idea of Boyega and Driver hugging to make sure that any friendship they have isn’t ruined by the fact that they’re currently playing characters who are very much on opposite sides of the war engulfing the galaxy. Or at least that’s what we’re going with when it comes to the two of them hugging.

Interestingly, it seems like Mark Hamill isn’t quite in the United Kingdom yet. Here’s hoping we get some interesting photos from behind the scenes via his Twitter account!

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Episode IX will arrive on Dec. 20, 2019.