What we want to see from the new Star Trek with Jean-Luc Picard


Jean-Luc Picard is coming back to our TV screens in an all-new Star Trek series. While we don’t know what the series is about yet, we have some ideas.

On August 4, Star Trek fans were surprised with the news that Patrick Stewart would be returning as Jean-Luc Picard in an all new series. As we reported, this news was met with plenty of excitement, as well as some ideas for what fans want to see.

However, it is not just the fans who have ideas for the new Picard-centric Star Trek series. We have some thoughts as well (as clearly, we are fans too).

The series does not yet have any public scripts or even a concrete storyline. But according to NBC News, Patrick Stewart confirmed a bit about what the new series would focus on when it comes to Jean-Luc Picard.

The actor made it clear that the new show will focus on the former Enterprise captain’s later years, particularly 20 years after the events of 2003’s Star Trek: Nemesis. Based on Stewart’s hints, it is entirely possible that not only is Picard no longer in command, he may not even be a part of Starfleet anymore.

This could mean that we might see what retirement means for Jean-Luc Picard. One fan shared an idea for the series on Twitter: perhaps Picard is on a horse ranch somewhere, occasionally entertaining former crew members?

While this might not work for the entire show (that would probably get boring), it would be interesting to see if Picard ever did get his horses in retirement.

Another possibility we wouldn’t mind seeing is the former captain dealing with retirement and what it means to no longer be a part of Starfleet. Is he the kind of captain who wanted the freedom only to realize it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be? Or is he going to revel in his retirement only to be faced with people trying to drag him back into the fray and turmoil of Starfleet?

Star Trek has long been a series about exploring new worlds and upholding high standards, but what if the standards that we remember are falling apart? Maybe the Starfleet that Captain Picard retired from is starting to lose sight of its mission and needs his guidance once more. Who else can envision a series in which Patrick Stewart’s character is essentially torn away from his peaceful retirement in order to once again save the universe?

Or perhaps we have a series focused on Jean-Luc Picard reminiscing about the old days, with flashbacks and missions we have never seen, bringing together the old and the new. Whether the show includes flashbacks from old The Next Generation episodes or films new scenes as flashbacks, this would be a great way to represent both the past and present for Picard (without actually ruining his retirement). Then again, the idea of Jean-Luc Picard being ripped away from his retirement in order to save Starfleet or even the Enterprise from destruction sounds rather exciting.

What we really wouldn’t mind seeing is a reunion of sorts, the kind that brings not just Patrick Stewart back to our screens, but other members of The Next Generation cast. Who else would like to see what Wesley Crusher has been doing after growing up on the Enterprise? Maybe get a little more Forge and Data?

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No matter which direction this new Star Trek series chooses to go, it really is exciting to think that we are going to be getting Jean-Luc Picard back on TV. More Star Trek is never a bad thing, and if the series can usher in even more diversity that would make it better.