Does Harry Potter get asked to take selfies with other wizards?


What is the celebrity culture around Harry Potter like? Does he get asked for his autograph or a picture or what do wizards like to do with their celebrities?

Harry Potter is famous. One of the reasons that Dumbledore sent him to the Dursleys was because he knew that Harry would be famous throughout the wizarding world. Sure, when he was in Hogwarts people were shocked to see Harry Potter himself there but we never really saw too many ‘fan’ moments with Harry.

Now, in 2018, does Harry get asked to take a selfie with people? Celebrity culture is a weird ball game no matter where you are and that could also mean for Harry Potter. So does he get stopped on the street by fellow wizards who are fans of his and get asked to take a picture with them?

First, it is fun to think about because Harry would either love every second of it or be super uncomfortable about the entire thing. Harry could easily take the attention and feel great about how he helped the wizarding world and himself.

Or he can think about all the pain it caused him and his friends and get awkward and sad about what was going on. Either way, it is kind of funny to think about. Someone just stopping Harry to ask for a picture? Do you think he’d be into it or would he just say “no” and walk away?

Whatever Harry would do, it’d be interesting to see wizards act more like us if they were in the presence of the great Harry Potter.

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If you were a wizard, would you stop and ask him? What is the protocol? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!