Fans discover a Captain Marvel Easter egg in Infinity War


Fans on Reddit spotted a potential Easter egg in Infinity War that could hint at where Captain Marvel has been the past 20 years.

Since Avengers: Infinity War was released on video, fans have been trying to find any clues they can that’ll hint at what’s to come next. With all the anxiety surrounding Avengers 4 and what is going to happen in the next phase of the MCU, it is no wonder we are all looking for answers. Captain Marvel isn’t coming to theaters until March 8th, just before Avengers 4, so we all still have a ways to go before these question are answered.

Fans have been scouring the Infinity War footage, pausing and rewinding to their heart’s content, and surprisingly enough, they actually found something. A bunch of Marvel obsessed investigators discovered a possible easter egg, sharing the find on Reddit.

Carol Danvers is known for her iconic red, yellow, and blue costume. In Infinity War, Cull Obsidian can be seen wearing a piece of cloth that matches Captain Marvel colors. This scarf hangs from Cull Obsidian’s belt and the shape of the lines also match the Marvel concept art for her costume.

One interesting thing fans have pointed out is that the colors on this cloth are different than the ones on his outfit as shown in merchandise for the movie. This has fans speculating even more and wondering if this choice was done on purpose or not.

Since Captain Marvel is set in the past, fans are questioning what this easter egg could mean for Captain Marvel’s fate. Is she being held captive in some way since she has not been introduced to the MCU yet? If not, there might need to be some justification for her absence. Since Captain Marvel is the MCU’s first female lead solo film, we’re eager to know where she’s been all this time and how her story may tie into possible time travel storylines in Avengers 4.

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Whether this detail has anything to do with Captain Marvel or not, it is exciting to speculate and have new theories and tidbits floating around since the release of Infinity War. If only we didn’t have to wait until next year to have our questions answered!

What do you think? Is this clothing item a nod to Carol Danvers or fans reading too much into a small wardrobe addition?

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