The CW casts Ruby Rose as its out Batwoman


We now have our newest Batwoman thanks to casting news from The CW. Ruby Rose has been tapped to play the iconic superhero.

Since The CW first announced their plans for a queer Batwoman, who would also be played by a queer actress, we have been anticipating the news of who would be playing our superhero. As we previously reported, the character of Kate Kane, which happens to be Batwoman’s real name, is going to be an out lesbian who has no problem speaking her mind.

And now we know that Ruby Rose is going to be donning the mantle of Batwoman, according to The Hollywood Reporter — which means we really are getting an out actress portraying the out superhero. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this news is the fact that The CW stuck true to their word and is giving us more diversity within the Arrowverse and the overall DC TV universe.

The actress herself celebrated the casting news on her Instagram with this post, saying she’s “an emotional wreck.. because this is a childhood dream.” Rose added that, “this is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community who never felt represented on tv and felt alone and different.”

It is definitely exciting to see the Arrowverse being even more inclusive when it comes to not only their casting, but also the characters they portray. With the addition of Ruby Rose and her lesbian Batwoman, fans are getting even more diversity from DC. Plus, the network may also benefit from Rose’s built-in fanbase that will most likely tune in just to see her.

While we may have hoped to see a less well-known actress take on the role of Batwoman, the fact is that Ruby Rose has an appeal all on her own. She is herself a vocal and proud actress who speaks her mind. And this is exactly the kind of character that Kate Kane is, so she is certainly a solid fit for the role.

Ultimately, Rose is the kind of actress who appeals to a wide audience, particularly those who have followed her career post-Orange is the New Black. She seems to be the embodiment of the superhero and yet, she is also what some might consider a safe choice, as she is also the kind of star with a more wide-spread appeal.

Although this casting news is primarily in reference to the four-series Arrowverse crossover event which will introduce Batwoman into the DC TV family, it also sets the stage for the solo series casting announcements.

Now we can only hope that as they begin figuring out who else to cast as part of the solo Batwoman series, they’ll choose some lesser know actors and actresses to round out the cast. Much like the rest of the Arrowverse has done, this would be a chance to not only expand diversity and make the network more inclusive, but it acts as a way to give new voices a spotlight.

Perhaps they can cast more non-white actors and actresses in order to round out the cast, including finding Kate Kane someone to date. No matter how they pull together the cast, we hope they are able to come up with storylines that are well-rounded and don’t play into the typical drama and stereotypes surrounding lesbians. (Can we avoid the baby drama where having kids means breakups and being single?)

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Overall, we really are excited to see which direction they go in with the new Batwoman, especially with Ruby Rose starring as the superhero. Luckily we will get our first look at the superhero in action when the Arrowverse comes together for their annual crossover event.