The 100 season 5 episode 13 preview: Damocles Part Two


The fifth season of The 100 is coming to a close, and the preview for “Damocles Part Two” doesn’t suggest a happy ending for our heroes.

The finale for The 100′s fifth season airs this week, finally bringing the battle for Shallow Valley to a close. And while “Damocles Part One” ended on a high note for our heroes, the next battle might not go as well as we’d hoped. In fact, it’s beginning to look like neither Wonkru or Eligius will lay claim to Shallow Valley.

In the preview for this week’s episode, McCreary makes it clear that he won’t allow Wonkru to take the last survivable land — even if it means destroying it (and his own people) in the process.

Watch the promo for “Damocles Part Two” here:

The preview opens with a Wonkru warrior (presumably Echo) firing an arrow into the gorge. We can assume that Wonkru will try to dismantle some of Eligius’ weaponry, making it possible for Madi to lead her people through the gorge and into Shallow Valley.

While this is happening, McCreary has some worrisome words for us. He says, “If I can’t have this valley, no one can.” It’s obvious that he isn’t bluffing, and we know McCreary won’t have any qualms about wiping out half of humanity.

Following McCreary’s threat, we get a glimpse of Madi, Bellamy, Echo, and Octavia leading the charge into the actual valley. How they’ll get past all of the Eligius prisoners holding guns remains to be seen. But they’ve got bigger problems.

There’s also a shot of missiles, aptly labeled “Damocles,” locking into place. McCreary hits a button after threatening to destroy the valley, and it looks like he has the means to do it. And if we had any doubt that McCreary would follow through, Bellamy then says, “He’ll destroy the valley.”

The next clip shows Clarke, shouting at Madi and the rest of her army to “get in the ship now.”  Abby and Octavia are carrying someone on a stretcher. That person is likely Gaia, as she was severely injured during “Damocles Part One.”

There’s also shot reminiscent of The 100‘s first season finale. Clarke stands at the door of the ship, while Bellamy stands several yards away. “I’m not leaving my friends,” he tells her, and fans have to wonder whether she’ll make the decision to leave him behind again.

Toward the end of the promo, things speed up. Murphy tells us “there’s not enough time,” probably in reference to getting all of Wonkru to safety before McCreary’s missiles fire. Diyoza shouts, “shoot him,” though who she’s referring to is unclear. And then Clarke says, “We have to go.”

The promo closes with what is undeniably missiles striking the Earth, though whether Raven and Shaw find a way to aim them away from the valley is another question. If not, it looks like the show’s sixth season might be taking place in space.

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The season finale of The 100 airs Tuesday, August 7 at 8 p.m. EST.