The Walking Dead may see this couple say “I do” during season 9


A Walking Dead fansite has teased the potential wedding of a major power couple in season 9.

Warning: Potential spoilers below for season 9 of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead can be a pretty grim show — no one can argue that. Anytime we get news of a spoiler or teaser for an upcoming season, we’re pretty anxious it’ll be the news of another favorite character biting the dust or, more accurately, being bit by a walker.

It’s pretty surprising to have a positive spoiler come our way. We already shared some bittersweet news this morning that Maggie’s baby’s name was confirmed by the actress who plays her, Lauren Cohan. Perhaps baby Hershel will be the little ring bearer in this teased wedding that may occur in season 9 of The Walking Dead.

The fansite The Spoiling Dead recently shared the following teaser:

Be still our Carzekiel hearts!

The fansite references Skybound’s recent Fan Mailbag from July 26, where a fan asked if Glenn and Maggie were “really the last couple to ever get married on the show.” The Walking Dead insider replied to the fan with a simple, “Probably not the last marriage we’ll see on the show.”

While we have to take any spoiler with a grain of salt, it’s clear that Carol and Ezekiel have grown close to each other. We got a teaser of this during Talking Dead‘s season 9 preview on Sunday night, in a new clip featuring Carol and Daryl chatting about her new boo.

In the clip, which isn’t online but shared a description, Carol reveals she’s with Ezekiel by lovingly teasing how his snoring at night annoys her. Daryl tells Carol that the King is “a bit corny.”

Carol replies, “I’m glad I have pookie’s approval. After what I went through with Ed, corny is nice.”

Daryl agrees, telling his longtime friend that “If anybody deserves to be happy, it’s you.”

We can take this clip as a strong indication Carol and Ezekial have finally realized their feelings for each other and are in a happy relationship. But — and yes, sorry to be the one to add a “but” here — good things don’t usually last on The Walking Dead.

Comic book readers know that this couple is a departure from the original storyline, which had Michonne pairing up with Ezekiel. While that has definitely changed (long live Richonne!), the fate of Ezekiel may not. The Whisperers, an army of people who cover themselves in walker flesh to walk amongst the undead, are the new enemy on the horizon.

In the comics, the Whisperers use a sick tactic to mark their territory and warn Rick and the rest not to defy them. That tactic? Killing people and placing their heads on spikes, and among the unfortunate souls are Rosita and… Ezekiel.

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Again, sorry to be that person, but any Walking Dead fan knows all too well that happiness has a short lifespan on the show. All we can do is pray that Carzekiel doesn’t have to follow in the footsteps of the many brokenhearted couples before them.