Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 3 wishes for the next Nintendo Direct


With the next batch of news from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on its way, here’s hoping that Masahiro Sakurai will make some dreams come true.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already has a lot going for it thanks to its absolutely massive reveal at E3 in June. But unsurprisingly, there’s still more to come from Masahiro Sakurai, with a video presentation already set for this Wednesday.

There’s little to go on in terms of what’s to come, but that won’t stop us from taking a few stabs at what sorts of surprises we could see come August 8.

A character from Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler might be one of the more recent games out there, but it’s become a pretty big deal, with IGN reporting that over a million copies have shipped. That’s quite a lot of sales, and Square Enix has already shown that it can play nicely with Nintendo in allowing Cloud Strife to appear in not one, but two Smash games.

For a title that surprisingly did well and is conveniently available on the same system as Smash, who’s to say that Primrose or someone else couldn’t appear? Perhaps it’s too late in development to add them now, but it is possible to develop them for DLC.

Then again, Super Smash Bros. Melee actually gave Roy from the Fire Emblem series his debut before his game was even out, so an Octopath character joining the fray definitely has some precedent.

A better look at Daisy (and maybe some new Echo Fighters)

Daisy is the newest “Echo Fighter,” meaning she’s effectively using the same moveset as a character we already know. In this case, Daisy borrows a lot of things from Peach. However, as with Lucina and Dark Pit, Daisy won’t play the exact same way. If there’s time, it’d be nice to see more of how Daisy differs from Peach in terms of playstyle. Will she call up something other than a Toad, with different effects?

As for some possibilities for new Echo Fighters, Waluigi might make an excellent echo of either Wario or Luigi (or perhaps a mashup of both, though that seems a little too complicated for Smash). Shadow the Hedgehog would work as an echo of Sonic as opposed to just an Assist Trophy.

More alts and costumes

Smash Ultimate‘s website confirms that you’ll be able to play as both iterations of Ike, originally hailing from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. With that in mind, even though Link now appears in his Breath of the Wild incarnation, what’s to stop you from playing as Breath of the Wild Link dressed up as other heroes? That’s something he can do in his own game if you have the proper amiibo.

Beyond that, though, being able to customize Robin or Corrin, as you can in their source games, would be another fun addition to the game.

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If you’re going to miss the Smash Direct, don’t worry: Culturess will bring you all the details.